Custom Online Wedding Styling Packages



1. You Do…I Do…We Do

Finding the right wedding attire is probably the most crucial thing for any bride and groom. Unfortunately, the search for the perfect dress can be both tricky and frustrating – often because the couple are not sure which style of wedding dress they should be looking for.

Gohagen- Alexander offers a custom styling package that involves helping the bride and groom create their wedding styles and find the perfect wedding dresses and suit that will keep a smile on their faces all day long.

Your wedding attire should be the one garment that you refuse to compromise on in terms of fit and style – it should be something you genuinely feel comfortable and beautiful in.

Our service is attentive, personal, and unpretentious. Our people are passionate about finding you the perfect look and delivering an experience like no other.

Our passion is you. Our attention to detail ensures the success of your event.  We want your vision and our imagination to transform your event.

If you are looking for inspiration for your wedding style and dream dress, make sure to check us out.


2. Her Bridal Brigade and His Groom Gang

Stuck on how to create a cohesive look for your bridal party or trying to choose wedding attire for the groom or groomsmen? When styling your squad, it's important to not only choose attire that reflects your wedding style but also to find dresses and suits that pair well with each other to create a photo-worthy look.

From patterns to colors to accessories, your bridal party's attire should reflect your own style. While there are some traditional guidelines based on time of day and wedding formality, these are not hard and fast rules. Gohagen- Alexander can guide you in the right direction in creating that overall look for your big day.


3. All About The Bride

The style of the bride and bridal party sets the tone of the entire wedding, and choosing the perfect gown is one of the most important parts of planning your celebration!

This is your wedding day, and you deserve to look your absolute best! Gohagen- Alexander is here to help you explore and determine the style you've always dreamed of for your wedding.

Our stylist works with the bride to create a complete bridal attire look that brings to life the bride's vision of herself on her wedding day and works to enhance her overall wedding design.  A bride should also look her best at ALL her bridal the events leading up to the wedding i.e. your engagement party, rehearsal dinner etc. Our stylist will create a style board with diverse looks for all your occasions. 

We take the approach of getting to know you, your style, and what you want to look like on your wedding day and all other bridal events.

With our help, you can make your leading occasions and your big day even more beautiful.

4. Style My Wedding

Gohagen-Alexander Design Den works with clients from all over the world and helps bring your fashion ideas to life. We offer a quick turn-around while being completely fashion-forward. Our team of fashion design experts works with each client based on their specific needs.  We provide pre-design planning and research, including current market trends, market analysis, competitive analysis, and trend and color forecasting.

Our wedding design and styling service are for you. From the initial spark of an idea through to implementing all those little design touches that make the celebration yours.

We consult with you to fully understand and immerse ourselves in your vision. Or if you are not sure which creative direction to go in, we help you unleash it. We are the experts at reading between the lines, teasing out anecdotes, and asking the right questions so we can get to know you.

From there, we design a beautiful and one-of-a-kind event concept, infused with fresh thinking and ideas that are tailored to your lifestyle. Everything is considered from the little details to those high-impact, wow-factor elements. We are creating the most memorable experience for you and your guests. We offer a carefully designed experience that is nothing short of breathtaking.

We find and manage the visually creative people, products, and services that will bring the design to life. Sourcing unique details, finding and briefing the very best suppliers, and unearthing those hidden gem ideas.

We've found the most prominent trends to help you pick a theme and choose a venue, cake, flowers, favors, and invitations to fit any budget.

Every visual styling aspect is considered, including florals, paper goods, bespoke installations, furniture, linens, tabletop items, and atmospheric decor. We work tirelessly to find the perfect little touches that bring it all together.

Then we make it happen. We are there on-the-day to support you and your suppliers by bringing the styling elements together. We creatively direct your vision, so all those intimate details turn out just right.

Every of our client is unique, and so are your needs, so we design this service around you. If you are searching for experienced and hands-on wedding design and styling service, then please book a consultation with us so we can discuss your requirements and devise a bespoke proposal.


Give the gift of eliminating her stress? Gift certificates available.


***Wedding styling packages = less stress while looking your best!!!***

***For all weddings packages we recommend 6 months advance time for best results***

Styling Packages Other than Weddings

 As Needed

Our stylist is available for your specific styling needs. Projects such as:

  • Photoshoots
  • Special occasions
  • Personal and seasonal style revamp
  • And more....

Virtual Custom Wedding Styling Available

Design and style your wedding like a pro, and without the stress. Making the most of your precious time and budget. I will show you creative and innovative ways to design a wedding that is truly personal, memorable, and above all, wildly beautiful.

Gohagen- Alexander virtual stylist service will allow you to design a day that fits within your budget. We will help you find the best suppliers and help you create a concise design brief. We will also give you a setup schedule so that you don’t reach your wedding day feeling frazzled and exhausted.

We will help you channel all your ideas into a beautiful design plan….. even if you don’t know where to start, we will help you discover that inspiration to create your wildly beautiful wedding day.


Never let the distance be a factor. Our stylist is available to assist with your complete look for Weddings or ANY occasion on your agenda. All communication can be done via Zoon,Skype, Facetime or Phone.

How may we assist with your next major event? Tell us about your vision. Please request a FREE consultation with our Certified Stylist Consultation Form . Your Style, Your Vision, Our Expertise.

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