Our visionary, Naka Alexander, has a keen eye for what looks great on a client and will advise on the right style for you. Among the things taken into consideration are your body type, height, skin, and hair color. We will ensure you have a wedding gown that complements your body aesthetics.


You will love the attention that our team gives you and your dress. We go beyond the gown's silhouette and make sure that every detail is impeccably tasteful. Your wedding gown will embody exquisite beadwork and embroidery.


We will advise you on the trends in the industry, both traditional and current. We will also show you all the basics (and the goodies!) to help ensure that you are 100 percent confident in whatever design you choose. We would not want you regretting your gown, and the cherry on top is, you will not.


We pay attention to all your ideas. Though we are experts, we allow you to take the lead in designing your unique wedding gown. Our ultimate goal is to keep our brides satisfied with our overall service.


We guarantee quality and tasteful elegance in every piece we produce. Quality is at the heart of our business model and is interwoven in our creative process.


We not only add our expertise in creating the gown rightly suited for you; but employ art, inspiration, individuality, and humanness into our creative designs. Your style and vision are married to our expertise to create the wedding gown of your dreams. We hope your only choice will be Gohagen-Alexander Design Den.

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