About G.A.D.D


This online boutique is an intersectionality of my love for advising and assisting others with fashion choices, coupled with my love and passion for designing and styling women’s attire. For instance, it’s not unusual for me to have in-depth conversations with clients to tailor to their specific style prior to starting the process which includes sketching, sourcing and constructing garments, and garment selection that’s suitable for each client’s aesthetic and body type.  Exceeding expectations and making the client satisfied are among my top priorities.

Gohagen-Alexander Design Den is a one-stop-shop for brides-to-be. It is a store where the bride-to-be can shop or be styled for the different events leading up to the wedding i.e. the engagement party, bridal shower, bridesmaids’ brunch, rehearsal dinner etc.

The services and resources we provide will relieve additional stress that brides-to-be and others preparing for weddings and major special events may encounter. Our stylist seeks to minimize anxiety by offering a variety of styling packages. We do all the research and/or shopping for the events leading up to the wedding and day of the wedding. This includes but not limited to brides and bridesmaids attire, groom & groomsmen attire, accessories etc.


 Overall, Gohagen-Alexander Design Den is a convenient one-stop-shop that provides custom designs, styling and/or personal shopping services suited just for you.

Heartfelt thanks for making it Gohagen-Alexander Design Den. Always standout...NEVER fit in!


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