Happy Clients

It was an amazing experience working with my designer Naka. She walked me through the entire process so effortlessly. I am truly amazed at her gift of being able to visualize beyond my imagination. I am so grateful that she added such grace and elegance to my wedding day. I received so many compliments. Thank you Naka! Thank you Gohagen-Alexander Design Den.

Joey G

Naka has been my personal stylist for over 7 years. I am an author and was constantly in the public's eye and needed a style boost. Naka is kind, knowledgeable and most importantly, she listens. In addition to her style expertise, she has a deep understanding for your personality and matches your budget. She has bolstered my confidence. My experience with Naka has been life-changing!

Angela D

I was so impressed with my veil purchase from Gohagen Alexander Design Den (GADD). I wore it on my wedding anniversary cruise, and GADD did not disappoint. I highly recommend purchasing a veil here if you want something other than the regular bridal shop veils. 

Shem Samu

I had the honor to work with Naka to design and create a timeless, classic, and elegant gown for my milestone wedding anniversary and vow renewal. The process to create this masterpiece was stitched together  with meticulous selection of the fabrics - color, texture, and  weight - all complemented my personality. 
The end-product was just as I expected!

Dee A